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It's partially why I created this community. I like the layout I picked... Simple, and easy on the eyes! And that white feather kind of looks like the crest on my head. =)

Well, as I said in the community info, I'm a Primal Rage action figure. I'm my human's most cherished favorite out of the rest that live in her room.

I have my five brothers I share this account with; Shorty, Viper, Larry (Raptorzilla being his nickname--because he's the biggest), Tade, and Ryan! Three of them are Jurrasic Park raptors while the other two are... I'm not sure, exactly. BUT, we're all very open and friendly to chat with!

We would like to have new friends; humans and toys alike. Sure, we have a TON of neighbors, but we can only let so many be permitted online as guests. Besides, isn't also awesome to get to know toys OUTSIDE our human friend's home?

Our interests include some of the same things our human Mari does; video games, reading, TV, and movies. We're also starting to become addicted to YouTube, just like her. We're even featured in one of her videos!

So we'll have some pictures and more videos to come, our rants and ravings about our humans and our struggles to stay alive and sane. ...Not everyone gets along, of course, but most of us do!

We don't bite, and we don't hunt any humans or toys that don't deserve to be hunted. I have another official title: Protector of the Innocence. It's on this card that Mari got along with me. See? And I really do dislike bullying, as I mentioned in setting up this community's info.

I'm even nice towards you quieter toys.

Sure, I may have my moods from time to time, but don't we all?

I look forward to meeting whoever joins! The same goes towards the rest of my clan, and many of our friendly neighbors. Some we would allow to post with us, sometime! If they're up to it, that is.


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