Toy Version of Add Me!

For any lonely toys online who seek friends.

Add Me (Toy Version); Livejournal Friending Commun
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A place for many toys to make Livejournal Friends!
Hey. I'm Talon (also known as the Talonmeister), a Primal Rage action figure. I'm a collectible of sorts, and I am in charge of this community.

This community is inspired by the awesome human version of Add Me: add_me. But this community is going to be solely run by toys for toys that wish to meet other toys around the world through Livejournal!

Let's go over some guidelines, as my human owner advises. She's created and moderated some communities before, and she's helping me set up all this info!

1. Only toys with their own accounts may put up entries. There's at least a few friend adds for humans to make other human friends on this site.

2. Humans with their accounts are welcome join, but only to respond to toys' entries! Human toy owners. We like you lots and respect you for giving us homes, but if you could just give us some space here, that would be great. This is especially for those toys with shy and quiet personalities. I know of a plush cat who is just that. Please don't smother us on this community. You may reply to our entries.

3. Many toys of different kinds can join--except for those adult sex toys. I am not comfortable in having that around here. I'm sure there is another community or two for that. I'd like to try and keep this a sort of family friendly sort of place.

4. Don't be a jerk. This place is to make friends, not enemies. Trolls and negative posters are not allowed! I have very low patience and tolerance towards bullying on the internet. It's not cool! This goes out towards everybody, toys and humans altogether. Don't do it here. Take that stuff somewhere else!

Or else you will be banned. I do not wish to do that or get irritable with you.

5. Be sure to introduce yourselves, toy citizens! It doesn't matter if it's a little or a lot. Just have something that's more than one sentence. Also, if there's any certain kind of toys or humans to befriend, post it.

That should be all. Hopefully we'll all have nice internet companions and encourage more toys to come over with this community. That'd be neat. Here's hoping this place will become as successful as the original add_me!